Blogger Bash Observations

What was supposed to be a typical weeknight blogging night instead turned into a three-martini Monopoly match with the Bride, the Brother-in-Law, and his Girlfriend.


The Girlfriend kicked all our asses. In my defense, I was the last one to drop. Early in the game, I’d traded her Park Place (she already had Boardwalk) for one of the purple properties and some cash. A stupid move? Think again. I had a monopoly on the cheap-to-develop purples, and she was down on cash holding the expensive-to-develop Boardwalk and Park Place Uber-Blues. What should have happened is, I should have had a nice steady stream of income with which to imrove my postition, while Desiree struggled just to put a house or two on her Blues.

Then she hit Free Parking twice while I was stuck with purples no one would land on. OK


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