There He Goes Again

Dick Morris is back to playing his favorite game — scaring us with Hillary. Read:

The demise of Howard Dean’s candidacy opens the door to a Kerry/Clinton ticket in 2004. As long as Dean was favored to get the nomination, Hillary likely wasn’t interested in the second slot on the ticket. With the Vermont governor almost certain to go down to a massive defeat, Hillary probably wanted no part in the ensuing carnage. But now that the Democrats have a real chance to win, it makes all kinds of sense to offer her the nomination and for her to accept it.

Very few vice-presidential candidates can actually win votes for the top of the ticket: Hillary can. She is the most popular Democrat in the nation. And a woman vice presidential candidate – particularly Hillary – would electrify the Democratic base and guarantee a huge turnout. It would transform a campaign into a crusade.

The voters she’d alienate? Already voting for Bush. And much as they might like to, they can’t vote against Hillary more than once (one hopes).


Not gonna happen. (Although in all fairness, my political prognosticator machine hasn’t functioned very well during this primary race.)

What Hillary would certainly do is re-energize those conservative Republicans turned off by Bush’s busted budgets, and without giving much new energy to a Democratic base which has been fired up since December, 2000.

Besides, she’s too smart a Senator to become a stupid Vice President.

Not gonna happen.


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