Invisible Attacker

In his much-abused report and Congressional testimony, US arms inspector David Kay said that

Baghdad was actively working to produce a biological weapon using the poison ricin until the U.S. invasion in March. But in general, Kay said, the CIA and other agencies failed to recognize Iraq had all but abandoned its efforts to produce large quantities of chemical or biological weapons after the Persian Gulf War in 1991.


But now we have this from Senator Bill Frist:

“As most people know that in mid-afternoon yesterday, a powder that was ultimately determined to be ricin was found in my personal office building. . . .,” he said. “And ultimately, after a series of tests of varying, what are called, specificity and sensitivity, confirmatory tests came back last night around 9:30 that this was ricin.”

Obviously, somebody has ricin. Not very well weaponized ricin — and not very well deployed, either. But they have it nonetheless.

So who is it?


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