Anger Management II

Novelist, author, and former Army intelligence officer Ralph Peters isn’t impressed with Howard Dean’s national security credentials:

Listen to Dean’s rhetoric, especially on security and international issues. He never offers specifics; it’s all hocus-pocus. He knows how best to deal with terrorists. We voters from the humble Volk need to take it on trust. He understands how to employ our military more effectively – despite dodging the draft during the Vietnam War.

Dean’s going to improve our intelligence system, too. How? If pressed, he may go so far as to mention HUMINT – a term he doesn’t understand – or the need for more Arabic speakers. Great, Herr Howie. We agree. But how does he intend to develop our human intelligence capabilities?

Which presidential directives and findings would he rescind or issue? Precisely what would he do that isn’t being done?

He has no answers. None.

As for the need for more linguists, how would he recruit them, then train and retain them? Does he intend to reinstate the draft?

Dean never deals in specifics on security issues. Because he doesn’t know the specifics. It’s all Big Brother Doublespeak.

And that’s the nice part.