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Low Blow

From AP:

The top U.N. diplomat said Monday he could not support bringing captured Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein before a tribunal that might sentence him to death.

''The U.N. does not support death penalty. In all the courts we have set up (U.N. officials) have not included death penalty,'' Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in a brief encounter with reporters at the United Nations.

''And so as secretary-general and the U.N. as an organization are not going to turn around and support a death penalty,'' Annan said.

And Annan's opinion matters why?

Look, if cutting a life sentence deal with Saddam means we get information out of him, then I'm all for it. Wring him dry and lock him up until August 42, 2056 AAD. But allow me to repeat myself: Annan's opinion matters why?

He fought us on inspections. He fought us on a use-of-force resolution. He fought us on everything -- and yet now he wants a say in how we handle POW #1.

He sounds almost French.