The Future of War

Today’s Required Reading is from Austin Bay — and now I have to go out and buy a couple new books. The first is Ret. U.S. Army Col. John B. Alexander’s Winning the War — Advanced Weapons, Strategies, and Concepts for the Post-9/11 World.

Yeah, that’s a mouthful, but Bay summarizes it nicely:

I know John, and as a thinker he doesn’t simply push the envelope, he often discards it. However, he never discards his incisive brand of muddy-boot common sense. This books reflects Alexander’s brains and muddy infantry boots. Believe him when he writes: “Star Trek meets the History Channel might be the log line for a new television series based on future conflicts. … High tech and ancient warfare techniques will become the norm.”

My version: In the future, there will be smart bombs and bayonets. Recall Afghanistan featured Green Berets riding horses.

The second one? You’ll just have to read Bay’s column to find out.