Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Here’s a bit of willful stupidity from The Wall Street Journal:

The Supreme Court ended its term yesterday by issuing two controversial opinions that suggest an odd understanding of its judicial obligations.

The Court was perfectly happy to instruct Texans on what they ought to think about homosexuality, a subject not addressed in the Constitution and historically left to state legislatures.


No, that’s not what the high court said. On a legal basis, the Supremes ruled that Texas can’t have one set of rules for gays (sodomy BAD), and another set of rules for straights (Sodomy? Cool!)

On a moral basis, no one told anybody what to think. Or what to say, or even how to feel. Not one Texan will change what he thinks or says or feels about gays because the Supreme Court struck down an unjust law — nor does the ruling require them to.

All that changed is that two men or two women in Texas can no longer get arrested for doing what straight couples have forever been doing there without fear of prosecution.


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