This Is Gonna Hurt

I caught a lot of hell almost exactly one year ago for these words about Israel and the West Bank:

I get blasted every time I say it, but here it is again: If we want an end to the Murder Bomber War which doesn’t involve mass deportations, then US or NATO ground troops must be used to guarrantee the peace.


But now even David Warren is making the case:

Whatever the “roadmap” says, progress will require the imposition on the West Bank and Gaza of an international, probably American force, to replace the Israeli. For there is no conceivable Palestinian civil force, that can stand up to Arafat’s multiple networks of goons and suicide bombers. Such a force will have to be prepared to take casualties, for it will itself become a target. Under these circumstances, the Europeans are likely to find an excuse to leave the whole burden upon the Americans.

And there you have it. Do I like it? Not one bit. But the only other long term answer I can see is the mass deportation of Arabs out of the West Bank — and, no matter how morally justified such an action might be after the last 15 months, it ain’t gonna happen.


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