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From the Financial Times:

The US military has drawn up a list of more than 300 suspected sites of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that it will be investigating, a US military official said this week.

The sites are concentrated mostly in and around Baghdad, though a few are located as far south as the town of Samawa, the official said.

Thomas Donnelly, a military analyst with the American Enterprise Institute, said President Saddam Hussein based many of his chemical and biological weapons sites in and around Baghdad so the regime could keep control of it.


Some of these targets are far enough away from Baghdad, and from the embedded journalists (still?) in Kuwait, that Coalition forces can probably strike them without having to tell us. Hell, if communications are degraded enough, Saddam might not even find out until long after the fact. Or his nervous yes-men (er, advisors) might deem to better (to their own necks) not to let him know.

Really, that sort of Kill the Messenger thing is one of the best things about fighting a tyrant.

Right up to the Red Army entering Berlin, Hitler was plotting a counterstroke, using divisions and regiments with all the combat power of companies and platoons. That is, if they still existed at all. You don’t tell the madman with the power of life and death anything he doesn’t want to hear.

Saddam won’t just be hiding in an underground bunker, he’ll be hiding from reality. And that works mostly in our favor.


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