Stop Making Sense

Richard Cohen continues his recent insistence to make some sense. Read:

Never mind a just war, what about a just peace?

There ought to be such a thing. There ought to be an understanding that while war is bad — very, very bad — sometimes peace is no better, especially if all it does is postpone a worse war. That is what would happen if the United States now pulled back, leaving Saddam Hussein in power and our troops sweating in the desert, their morale and their strength dissipating.

What would happen then? Ultimately, Hussein would wait us out. This is what he has been doing since the Persian Gulf War in 1991, when he began this game of hide-and-seek with his weapons of mass destruction. If, at the moment, he does not have nuclear weapons, it’s not for lack of trying. He had such a program once and he will have one again — just as soon as the world loses interest and the pressure on him is relaxed.


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