Wait'll He Gets to Bush

Isntapundit doesn’t like anybody — and he’s damn funny about it, too.

Take Daschle. I always thought he was kind of a tough guy. He has that deeply-lined face, he’s from one of the godforsaken states where they have “northers”. And he was the Senate Majority Leader, fer cryin’ out loud. It should take some kind of toughness to get there. Then you hear his voice, and you realize you could snap his neck between your thumb and forefinger. That is, if it would even snap, and not just squish like an overripe banana. If this guy is in a position of power, it’s not because he swatted the opposition like flies, or burned holes in their brains with his steely gaze. He just found a path to power that didn’t go too close to any drains, and oozed there.

I’ve seen Pelosi on the news, too. Her neck wouldn’t even squish; it’s just a tether for that ditzy helium-balloon head of hers. Where do they find these people?

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