It Might Be Painful, But At Least It Itches

Also at the WP, Michael Kelly spent part of Tuesday morning speaking with a SAO. (Senior Administration Official — that’s a cabinet officer, kids.)

If it comes down to “head on” against Iraq, he said, there will be no backing off. “Don’t worry about it,” he said, almost fiercely. “There will be strong resolution. We put one American in harm’s way, I can assure you that . . . the determination will be the full might of the United States military to accomplish the objective.” He added, jabbing the air once with his right hand: “We will achieve our objective.”

For those who still harbor some fear (or even my occassional quaver) that Bush might follow another strong speech with another year of phony war, those words should put some starch in your shorts.

NOTE: Whoever came up with that tired expression never lived anywhere with any season other than winter. I mean, starch in your shorts?