Final Thoughts

“War without conquest.”

That’s it, really. We’re going to war to protect our interests, yes — but our interests do not lie in the annexation of other lands, or making permanent protectorated out of them. We didn’t even do that to Germany or Japan; we won’t do it now.


What else was important? As one reader wrote, Bush told the Axis of Weasels to hop on board the train or jump off the tracks — this train is leaving the station.

It looks like Powell got his way and, Nuke’em All people aside, that’s not entirely a bad thing. War last fall, and we wouldn’t have had the rumored 600-800 Tomahawks ready, or the necessary JDAMs, JSOWs, and other smart bombs manufatured. Powell maybe picked up some extra support, maybe lost some. Doesn’t matter. We’re ready to fight now and, baring some miracle in Baghdad, we’re going to be fighting soon.

So it’s war in February, most likely. Powell gets his legalistic niceties fulfilled, the Pentagon has its toys ready — and our soldiers, sailors, and airmen will be deployed, trained, and ready. And after this speech, I think you’ll find them in high spirit, too.


Domestically? You know I have some serious issues with Bush and the Republicans — but those serious issues lack seriousness in these seriously serious times.

What matters in this forsaken age we’re in is taking to our enemies before they bring it to us. My sometimes wavering confidence in Bush on this issue has been restored.

I’m glad it isn’t me who has to give that order sometime after Feb 5.



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