Why We Read Hitch -- and Max

Max Power was privileged enough to attend a Christopher Hitchens discussion last night. The topic? Orwell, Hitch, and the Terror War.

The best bit Max quoted was this:

On Islamofascism: Hitchens noted that Taliban Afghanistan was viewed as a model government by the Islamic fundamentalist movement, and wasn’t that argument enough against it? “It’s not just a question of means, it’s a question of ends.” Hitchens pointed out that Orwell had noted the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Fascists of his day. (Paraphrasing:) “There’s something totalitarian about an all-powerful central figure who needs to be worshipped, who is always watching you, and whom you can never escape, even in death. Even in North Korea, you can get out from under the government with death. This is a sort of Celestial Korea.”

There’s more. Check it out.