Predictably Awful

Jimmy Carter is the newest recipient of the Nobel Prize for Peace. Under Carter’s watch:

The Cuban Army was leased wholesale by the Soviets to prop up a murderous regime in Angola.

The Soviets invaded Afghanistan.

America stood idly by while thugs with prayer rugs took over the most important nation in the middle east.

Stood idly by while those same thugs took American hostages.

Iraq ivaded Iran.

The US did nothing in solidarity with Poland’s Solidarity, the group that did as much anyone to end the Cold War.

OPEC screwed the world. Again.

Soviet diplomats marched unimpeded through Africa.

The Panama Canal, built with American blood and money, was turned over to the thuggish rulers of Panama.

Nicaragua’s friendly (if brutal) dictator was replaced by the even more brutal — and Soviet-sponsored — Sandinistas.

Revolution was exported from Nicaragua throughout Central America.

About the only “peace” brough about under Carter was the Cold Peace between Israel and Egypt, which, despite billions of dollars of bribes — er, aid — Egypt could turn back from in a heartbeat.

Perhaps the Nobel Prize committee was thinking of Carter’s post-president activities. Such as cozying up to dictators in Cuba and North Korea, and openly siding with and praising terrorist Yasser Arafat.

The Nobel prizes — except those in the sciences — have long been a joke. Today’s announcement is simply a more cynical joke than is usually the case.