A War By Any Other Name

Bret Stephens, editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post, says the Israeli-Palestinian War needs a name. Despite the low intensity, it is a real war, after all:

What is this war all about for Israel, and for the Jews? Two years into it, at least some of us can agree that it must be called a “war,” and not go by such weak euphemisms as “the violence,” “the conflict,” or “the situation.” Beyond that, as these short essays from prominent Jews (and one Palestinian) in Israel and abroad show, there is scant agreement.


I’ve been calling it the Israeli-Palestinian War for months now — but that’s an inelegant name at best. And it hardly begins to describe what’s really going on.

Here are a few suggestions already garnered:

End of the Occupation War
Peace for the Settlements War
The War of the Life of the Jews
The War of the Jews’ Last Chance
The War of Sovereignty
The War of Jewish Sovereignty

None of those work for me, either. Nor does “The West Bank Phase of the Western War Against Terror.”

Have any ideas? Post’em below, and I’ll forward them to Bret.


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