The Good Ol' Dems

Daniel Pipes frames the question nicely:

In the debate over Iraq, the Democrats and most allied governments are demanding United Nations Security Council endorsement of a military campaign – or they are against it.

This is a strange position. The U.S. government, with an over two-century record of forwarding human rights and defeating tyrants, is to defer to the United Nations? The duly elected leaders of the United States should step aside and let assorted dictators make key decisions affecting American national security?


What happened to a large minority of the Democratic national leadership? Where is the Harry Truman, accepting nothing less than unconditional surrender? Where is the JFK, asking us to ay any price and bear any burden to promote liberty? Hell, where is the old Jimmy Carter, openly calling on our enemies to support human rights?

We need debate. We need two strong parties. But right now, the Democrats won’t offer much other than ineffectual carping, or playing W’s lapdog.


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