Expect the Expected II

Ted Kennedy says war might be too expensive:

The veteran Democratic statesman cited recent estimates putting the price tag for a war with Iraq at between $100 billion to $200 billion, which he stated does not take into account such considerations as the impact of higher home heating-oil costs.


How, exactly, getting a decent regime in Baghdad — and getting their oil flowing again — could lead to higher prices is beyond me.

Short term, yeah, oil prices are going to go up. The Russians already have their taps all the way open, and the Saudis won’t be doing us any favors any time soon.

But do not doubt this: So long as Saddam or his Ba’ath Party remains in power, Iraqi oil will stay off the market. This war isn’t about oil — but for a US Senator to try scaring old people is. . .

. . . well, to be expected of Mr. Kennedy.


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