What Needs To Be Said

From BigWig at Silfray Hraka:

This is America, so David Duke is allowed to say whatever insane venom comes to his mind. And when when he does open up the shithole he calls a mouth, we publicly reject him. Whether they think racist thoughts or not, white politicians aren’t allowed to openly spout racist hatred, and when they do, they get a good smacking, and their career is over. You know why? Because, when it comes down to it, we expect better things from a white person.

To allow Representative McKinney to say what he said about Jews without publicly punishing him in the same manner as we punish David Duke is to hold the same attitudes the ranch hands held in Of Mice and Men. No one who is not a racist would tell him to his face that he’s just an ignorant nigger, but to let his anti-Semitic ravings go by without a word is to treat him like one. Until all of us demand the same standards of behavior from black politicians that we demand from white politicians, we will still be judging people on the color of their skin, and not on the content of their character.


I didn’t bother with that part of the McKinney story for the same reason I never bothered with Duke, and stopped bothering with Pat Buchanan during Desert Shield: Simple antisemitism is usually best ignored.

But we know that’s excuse doesn’t work for the media, who (quite rightly) pounce on right wing nutcases at every opportunity.

So why did Bill McKinney get a by on this?


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