The Rat That Roared

For those simpletons who still deny al Qaeda wants us dead, here’s videotape from 1998 of Osama bin Laden declaring war on the United States.

▪That same year, al Qaeda bombed two US embassies in Africa, killing hundreds.

▪Two years later, the USS Cole was suicide-rammed by an al Qaeda launch carrying hundreds of pound of explosives, killing more than twenty US servicemen and women.

▪Last year, of course, al Qaeda hijacked four US airliners, and turned them into cruise missiles, killing almost 3,000.


Which leaves a very simple question for the simpletons to answer: How many attacks must we endure before we get the right to self-defense?

Their answer, as I’m sure you know, is that America never has the right to self-defense. Only oppressed multimillionaires, with the brutal regimes of impoverished countries in their hip pockets, are allowed that luxury.


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