Rendezvous With Obscurity

Hey — welcome back, Glenn! Sounds like you had some great scuba diving. You were missed.

Catching up on my reading this morning, I ran into this item at LGF. (Has Charles been on a roll lately, or what? Hint: Not “or what.”) From Ha’aretz:


The IDF’s General Staff has reached the conclusion that Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat’s stature is dropping so precipitously that there is no need for Israel to push him out of the territories.

The IDF has, like any military organization, made its share of mistakes. Hell, I’m currently reading Six Days of War, and almost every page reminds that wars aren’t won by the most competent army, but the least incompetent. Nevertheless, the IDF has excellent intelligence — they have to — and so I trust them on this.

Beats the hell out of Debka, anyway.

So — who still thinks Yasser is going to win that “election?”


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