Redmond Haters Tremble!

Microsoft is working on a combo Ultimate TV DVR/Xbox game console. The device would replace your VCR, DVD player, and Playstation, all in one black (and, I assume, green) box.


It’s a nice concept, but who are they going to sell it to? Early adopters already have their TiVo. Harcore gamers bought their Xboxes for Christmas. The market Microsoft should be aiming for is Just Plain Folks — who don’t need some $500 dollar gizmo replacing their already paid for VCR and game console.

Get the price down to $300 — the original retail for the Xbox — and maybe Redmond will have something big. Maybe. It still sounds a bit like a toaster with a built-in garage door opener; cool but useless.

PERSONAL NOTE: The last game console I owned was a Atari Super Pong back in ’76 or ’77, I think. My household missed the Atari craze because I was too busy trying to beg, borrow, or buy a VIC-20, then a C-64. So last fall I went and bought myself an Xbox. Four words: Dead Or Alive III. Oh, fifth word: boobies.


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