Chain of Command Refresher Course

Remember the California (where else?) Air Force colonel who got himself in hot water? LTC Steve Butler wrote a nasty letter about President Bush to his local paper — and got it published. That’s a big no-no.


Gripes about leadership stay in your peer group; they aren’t for public consumption.

A Very Alert Reader in a Position to Know writes:

I know his boss (referenced as Col Jeff Johnson) and believe that Col
Johnson will follow through on an Article 15. An Article 15 (non-judicial
punishment) should result in a loss of pay or some other rather minor slap
on the wrist. If he refuses the Article 15, he’d then be up for Courts
Martial if the local JAG feels they have a strong enough case (seems pretty
obvious that they do). I doubt, however, that he’ll turn down the Article
15 as he’d be risking his retirement paycheck during a Courts Martial.

That sounds about right.


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