Rot Roe

Scooby Doo was not a good show. Hanna-Barbera animation at its second-worst, an uninspired concept, annoying voice acting, and tired sight gags. Even as a young’un, I couldn’t stand the show.


Now we have proof (as if we needed any) that the movie will be even worse.

The cast and filmmakers said they filmed many joking allusions to those inferences but ultimately decided to keep “Scooby-Doo” an innocent children’s film rather than aim for older audiences.

The one hope the movie had of being worth seeing, even if only on cable, was had the producers gone The Brady Bunch Route. The Brady Bunch Movie took a bad TV show, but updated the humor for the times. Had they simply made a two-hour film version of the TV show, confused viewers would have asked, “Well what was the point of that?” while leaving the theater.

I suspect many will be asking the same question this weekend when leaving the fresh pile of Doo.


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