Not the Usual Silliness

Aussie Paul Wright nicely and neatly sums up Allied actions in Afghanistan:

[W]e and our allies have done what no other outfit in thirty years has done. We made Afghanistan fit to live in, or soon will be. We have taken the most effective step possible to eliminate the need for Afghanis to undertake life-threatening voyages from their home. Lives will saved, both on the sea and on land.


So here’s a question for our Chomskyite friends: How many US civilians have al Qaeda operatives saved from starvation, refugee status, and disease?

Would I be right in assuming that so long as that number is less than the 3000+ they’ve killed so far, that we’re allowed to kick their asses?

(I should know better than to perform Silly Morality Math on this blog. The last time stirred up some ugliness.)


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