That Can't Be Kosher

Thanks to Bill Quick for the link.

Lawrence Henry at The American Prowler imagines what the Arab world might be like without shitty little Israel to unite them in hatred:

Syria, heavy with Soviet armaments, swallows up Lebanon and Jordan (no more Hashemite monarchy, no more King Hussein, never any nice beautiful Queen Noor), then turns toward Saudi Arabia. At that point, Syria has yet another coup, and nobody knows what happens next. Initially goaded by Syria, Egypt attacks Saudi Arabia (as it actually did, repeatedly, from its outpost in a Soviet/Afghanistan-style incursion into Yemen). The House of Saud falls from the pressure, but Egypt blows itself apart, too, from sheer internal incompetence and from the military pressures of its occupation of Yemen. There is an Iran-Iraq War, merely 20 years earlier than the one that actually did happen. The Shah is deposed a decade before he actually was. The Soviets achieve a long-desired southern strategic goal, isolating Turkey, opening a route to the Indian Ocean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

And that’s the nicer part of Henry’s alternate history. It’s this afternoon’s Required Reading.

Ralph Peters wrote a decade ago, that if the Arabs ever do succeed in driving Israel into the sea, they’d then go back to their historical pastime of “slaughtering each other over trivia.”

I’m afraid that left to their own devices, the Arabs would eat their own.