Too Dumb To Pour Piss Out of a Boot If the Directions Were on the Heel

Here’s the latest from Washington’s “debate” over allowing airline pilots to arm themselves:

Opponents of arming pilots have said reinforced cockpit doors now required on all planes mean that pistols are unnecessary. They have also expressed concern that an errant shot might hit a passenger or damage a key electrical system on the plane.


As homeowners know, a small door with a little beam across the middle of it can stop any intruder, for an indefinate period of time. There has not been one single burglery recorded since we left the cave and invented the Cole Key Company.

Why someone with a door on the front of their house might keep a pistol in the bedstand is totally beyond me. Damnit, you have a door to protect you.

Combining their powers, Norm Mineta and Tom Ridge rival toe jam for sense and utility.

UPDATE: Has anyone considered that simply allowing pilots to have pistols would have a very chilling effect on would-be hijackers?


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