Blogger Service Message

Professor Reynolds, who can be found here until his new DNS propagates, leads to this message from his (and my) Web Administratrix, Stacy Tabb:

For those of you who’s blogs appear to have vanished…try republishing. I was making my rounds this morning and noticed that in place of Dawson’s blog was a white page with the words “Page Not Found” on it. Being of the school of thought of “poke at it until you’ve poked everything,” I logged in (because I designed the site, yes) and saw that the template was there, the formatting was there. So I tried republishing and lo!, the site came up just fine. So give that a whack, why don’t ya.

Treacher, I’m talking to you.

UPDATE: If you’re getting no result after publishing, go into your settings and WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING, save a page. Doesn’t matter which one. Then go re-publish.


Everybody got that?


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