Shoe Fetishist

Two weeks ago, I saluted Virginia Postrel as a my dreamiest “Sensible Shoes Libertarian.”

The whole shoes-as-libertarian-metaphor got some conversation going here in the blogosphere, but not much real effort.


So over cocktails last night and hangover greasy food this morning, I completed the list.

We’ll start with the previous entries:

Sensible Shoes = Change the system from within. I always think of Virginia.
Combat Boots = Radical Randians. Hard to picture Peikoff in Doc Martins, but go with me here.
Golf Shoes = Republican wanna-bes. If they didn’t like cheap lettuce, they’d kick out all the Mexicans.

Now the new ones:

Birkenstocks = Culture libs, and anti-Drug War fiends. Nick Gillespie makes me wonder sometimes.
Barefoot = Anarcho-libs. They might be naked in caves, but they’re free, damnit. RW Bradford and half the gang at Liberty magazine come to mind.
Wing Tips = Lawyer libertines. Glenn might deny it, but we know better.
Topsiders = Mostly Recovered Republicans. You can file me here.
Stiletto Heels = Brooke after she finally gets fed up with the mainstream. It won’t be long.
Waders = Couldn’t care less about the law, except for the catch limit and size restrictions.
Thigh Highs = I’m not sure who you are, but meet me behind the bar.
Hunting Boots = Suman, don’t you even try to deny it.
Tasseled Loafers = Boardroom libertarians. They might be CEO, but they still hate corporate welfare. Bill Gates might be one, he just doesn’t know it yet.
Cowboy Boots = Ranchers, mechanics, and NASCAR fans. Don’t Tread On Me domestically, but Jacksonian ass-kickers abroad. Barry Goldwater wore these boots proudly.
Dancing Shoes = Log Cabin Republicans after just one more Presidential snub.
Construction Boots = Do not discuss politics after the 9th beer. It could get ugly, right, Mike?
Snow Shoes = Hiya, Dan!


OK, what’d I miss?


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