That simpleton President of ours is still sending quite sophisticated messages to the Israelis.

To a truly simplese diplomat, such as one from France, Bush’s message of the last week jibes with his own — let’s bend over and take it deep for terrorism.


But even the Wobble Watcher-in-Chief seems less worried today after listening to the latest from Bush.

Unable to beleive such sophistimacationalishness can come from such a big Texas doofus, Europe swallows Bush’s “Israel must pull out now” line, while totally ignoring the not-so-veiled threat to Arafat & Co.

And Sharon, for once, is playing it just as brilliantly. “Yes, yes, we agree and we’re trying to hurry things along here. Would love to chat but have a war on terror to run and all.”

Tony Blair is grinning, I just know it.


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