It's Gonna Be Alright

Alert Reader John Burtner forwards this Johnathan Foreman column from today’s New York Post.

Here’s the author’s main thrust:

But at last, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his advisers seem to have understood that if you are going to attract the moral odium which attaches to the use of force against armed “civilians” – you might as well achieve something concrete.


Hence the current incursions, whose purpose is only partly to isolate Yasser Arafat. The main idea is to target the “officers” of Hamas, Al Aqsa and the rest – and thereby disable the personnel infrastructure behind the terror campaign.

It seems clear from the president’s tone that he understands this. He hasn’t bought into the TV networks’ hyperbolic language or the Arafat propaganda they tend to parrot.

Now go re-read Bush’s speech, and tell me I was wrong earlier today, when I said that Bush gets it.

None of this is 100% certain. There’s no looking into the mind of another person — much less one as cloistered as US President must necessarily be.

But we’ve seen Bush operate, and his current words and actions fit his usual cageyness.

Let’s not us get wobbly now, OK?


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