Just Do As He Says

Blogspot is about as well-behaved today as an eight-year-old chewing espresso beans let loose in the Nintendo factory.

So let’s link a few non-Blogspot bloggers for your afternoon reading enjoyment.


Cold Fury’s Mike Hendrix does an excellent analysis (vivisection, really), of who is a terrorist.

Hint: It ain’t the Jews.

Mike is proof that you’ll get a much better scoop from a rockabilly-playing truck driver than you will from paid professional pundits. Kids, do try this at home.

SIDE NOTE: Mike, ever hear Setzer’s cover of Sleepwalk? Goddamn!

The esteemed Steven den Beste looks at the wisdom behind exiling Arafat. Read that, then just keep scrolling. Den Beste has never been better.

Stacy Tabb, my Web Administratrix, talks to children today. I’m not selling that very well, but trust me when I tell you to read it. Her site is charmingly naughty and just plain charming, and I really do mean to link to her more often.

And then there’s Ken Layne, Lileks’ next city beat reporter. Light, deft — and sharp as a diamond-honed tack. Read it all.


Yeah, I know that was a really lousy metaphor, but I’m just feeling all lazy after the pasta one I posted over at Asp’s site. In fact, head on over to Asparagirl, read her latest, then pat her on the head and make soothing noises, OK?

That should keep you busy until Blogspot is up and running again.

UPDATE: Naturally, as soon as I get this posted, Blogspot starts functioning again. I don’t care — click those links, anyway.


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