Now Go Away Or I

Now Go Away Or I Shall Be Forced To Taunt You a Second Taaaaaahm
David Broder has a new column today, but I couldn’t get much past the header. “Europe’s Fury.”


You see, even good guy Europeans, like the Germans, are mad at President Bush over the whole Iraq thing, so maybe we should listen to the Lilliputian Limp Wrists this time.

Anyway, I’d have some biting criticism for you, but that headline just undoes me. When I think of “Europe’s fury,” all I can picture is little skinny men throwing cheese from behind some rocks at the entire 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment and shouting, “No fair, we haven’t built an army yet!”

All this, of course, in a French accent of the Cleese region.

NOTE: I also claim dibs on the phrase “Lilliputian Limp Wrists.” Not as succinct as “EUnuchs,” but it flows better and is less likely to be confused with an operating system.


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