Bloggers Is As Bloggers Roll

Bloggers Is As Bloggers Roll
He calls himself a “lesser blogger,” so beware — he might tell other lies, too. Depsite his triflings with the truth, here’s a long overdue blogroll to Craig Schamp and his Ramblings.

You’ll find Craig from now on under Hair O’ The Dog, down and left.

NOTE: The Blogroll is getting so long that I might have to come up with new categories soon, just to avoid the MEGO effect. Suggestions, anyone?

ANOTHER NOTE: MEGO Effect is not to be confused with the Mego toy company, who made the last really great action figures. My childhood would not have been the same without their 8-inch Spiderman and Superman figures. Also, I would have probably jumped off a lot fewer ledges, trying to fly and/or spin webs.

ONE LAST NOTE: I’d almost forgotten just how hot the Batgirl figure was. No wonder I grew up so twisted.