Oh. That Is A Thumb

Oh. That Is A Thumb In Your Pocket
Link via Dr. Frank.
Rita Rudner once said that a man with an earring is better prepared for marriage because he’s “bought jewelry and experienced pain.”


Now, it turns out kids with Game Boys may be better equipped for the future — and that “all thumbs” may be a compliment in the New Millenium. Reports the Observer:

Use of hand-held technologies, such as mobile phones, GameBoys and computers, has caused a physical mutation in the under-25s, according to new research.

The study, carried out in nine cities around the world, shows that the thumbs of the younger generation have overtaken their fingers as the hand’s most muscled and dexterous digit.

The change affects those who have grown up with hand-held devices capable of text messaging, emailing and accessing internet services. Experts claim it proves technology is causing physical alterations that previously happened over generations.

Reminds me of a little joke my Dad used to tell way back when. He predicted that sometime in the future, we’d evolve to have an enormous skull and just one long finger for pushing buttons. The future isn’t so far away anymore.

Freaky, eh?


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