He's Getting Mad Again With

He’s Getting Mad Again
With a straight face, The Guardian reports Arab leaders telling Dick Cheney that “Iraq is not the priority.”

This, of course, comes from vicious dictators who are also in no rush to create democracy, free markets, liberal education systems, free speech, equal rights, civilized foreign relations, or the rule of law.


I hope Cheney responded simply, silently, with that killer smirk of his.

Here’s our ally Crown Prince Abdullah speaking:

This followed a television interview by Crown Prince Abdullah, the effective ruler of Saudi Arabia, who told the American network, ABC, that a military campaign against Iraq was not in anyone’s interests, adding: “And I don’t believe it will achieve the desired result.”

This from the same people who begged us in eleven years ago to protect them from the same man they now want to protect from us.

Is reform possible in a people so immune to reason?


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