Early A.M. Hand Wringing When

Early A.M. Hand Wringing
When a barbarian with a pistol can kill a beautiful young lady and injure 16 others on the same goddamn day our representative is negotiating peace…


Look, President Bush sent Anthony Zinni to the Middle East for no reason other than to placate our “friends” in Europe and some eggheads at State. Negotiation is not possible. Hasn’t been possible. Won’t be possible.

The only three choices left are whether to ratchet up the retaliations until the Palestinians cry uncle, let the US take over the West Bank and enforce a very tense peace, or let a new hard-right Israeli government (after Sharon’s falls) invade and expel every last damn Palestinian into Jordan.

The first option is iffy at best. The second option is unpalatable to us. The third option is damn near unthinkable.

Anyone have a fourth?

Right now, I could use a fifth.


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