Next Saudi Offer: Everyone Gets

Next Saudi Offer: Everyone Gets Candy!
A disingenuous Saudi peace offer? Say it ain’t so! World Net Daily reports:

Saudi Arabia is backing down from its proposal to offer Israel normalized relations in favor of a much-publicized land-for-peace deal.


According to the report, a demand by Syria prompted the new position by Saudi Arabia, and it has been agreed to by the Arab council.

This whole dance was staged better than a kabuki performance. And the kicker is, there wasn’t a Big Mac’s chance at a WTO protest that the Israelis would accept the deal, nor that we would pressure them to.

I’ll never understand diplomacy. A unworkable plan is offered but not meant. Despite its insincerity and impossibility, the other side must make the appearance of not only giving serious consideration, but actual enthusiasm. Once the proper noises are made, the other side starts to have a fake argument within its ranks, so as to sabotage the plan that was never meant to come to fruition in the first place.

Did any good at all come out of this charade?


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