Excuses, Excuses I'm not a

Excuses, Excuses
I’m not a computer guy. I’m the artsy, useless type — which is probably why I screwed up my HTML approximately two evers ago, and lost the link to PejmanPundit.


In case you don’t know, Pejman is a frequent contributor here in the Drinks section, and a fearsome blogger in his own right. Smart, funny, well-informed, he is also the inspiration behind my goal to call people by their first names.

I can barely spell my five-letter Anglo monosyllable, Mr. Yousefzadeh.

(Did I get it right this time?)

UPDATE: Speaking of lost HTML code, no matter how many times I take that silly Which Criminal Are You test, I always come up as Kissinger or Manson. But, damnit, I want minions.


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