Not Bad for a Dumb

Not Bad for a Dumb Blonde and Her Gay Best Friend
Link via InstaPundit: In a bit of cultural warfare even Pat Buchanan would call overkill, Iran will introduce Islam-friendly, homegrown alternatives to Barbie and Ken dolls.


“The dolls are most welcome. Dara and Sara are strategic products to preserve our national identity. And of course, it is an answer to Barbie and Ken, which have dominated Iran’s toy market,” toy seller Mehdi Hedayat said.

In America, we think of Barbie dolls as something we have to remember to buy little Becky for Christmas — when we think of Barbie at all. In Iran, they’re considered a threat to their national identity. And people try to argue ours is not a superior culture?

Another toy seller, Masoumeh Rahimi, said Barbie was “foreign to Iran’s culture” because some of the popular Western dolls wear revealing clothing. She said young girls who play with Barbie, a doll she sees as wanton, could grow into women who reject Iranian values.

Iranian values, such as theocratic dictatorship? There you have it, kids — halter tops help end oppression.

UPDATE: After coming up with that punchline, all I can think is that there’s got to be a story ending with “G-Strings for Jesus.”


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