He's Pissed Off Again Austin

He’s Pissed Off Again
Austin Bay is not, as one supposed wit claimed, “the poor man’s Charles Krauthammer.” He’s a damn fine writer and, for my money, better educated on strictly military issues. He’s also oftentimes the writing partner of James Dunnigan, who helped invent modern war-gaming.


Bay has a new syndacated column posted at Strategy Page that I urge you to read. Writing on the murderers of Daniel Pearl:

Here’s the agitprop intent of this terror “propaganda by deed” followed by video replay: “The World Trade Center was terror en masse, our ‘execution’ of Mr. Pearl is terror in the particular. America and the West, you must continue to fear us.”

Daniel Pearl died with the words “I am a Jew, and my father was a Jew,” on his lips. I have no religion. I have no faith. But I do have beliefs and I understand the power of beliefs — and Pearl did not sound like a frightened man to me. Not frightened in any fundamental sense.

So I ask you — are you frightened of the barbarians who slit the throat of a man in shackles?

I’m not.


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