Tom Clancy Drool Fest Part

Tom Clancy Drool Fest Part II
From Strategy Page, we have a wish list of new toys Special Forces want after their experiences in Afghanistan:

A lightweight counter-mortar radar (already in development) which can detect incoming mortar shells from any direction. This device is carried in two parts and can be assembled in 30 minutes.


Officially cool. Small-unit counter-battery fire possibilities.

Collapsible unmanned aerial vehicles (already in development) that can be carried in a backpack and deployed for long periods to “look over the next hill”.

Extremely cool. But just for Special Forces? I want one of those for spotting cops on I-25 on the way up to Denver.

New laser designators that are lighter, smaller, and have longer range.

Not cool. Just refinement of existing toys.

Improved radios that can function in caves, in built-up areas, and over mountains.

Not cool, but very, very necessary. Read more Kaplan to find out why.

Small vehicles able to operate over narrow tracks and provide motorized mobility for teams.

Uncool. Sounds like an old Suzuki Sidekick.

Lighter and smaller batteries that last longer.

Very cool. Sure to be a hit from now on at every bridal shower.


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