For Nation-States, They're 0-22. This

For Nation-States, They’re 0-22.
This from AP: “Residents of Islamic countries harbor deep resentment toward the United States.”

Let’s face it, the Arab world (not Islam) resents any culture technologically sophisticated enough to build a power plant without foreign assistance. From the splendor of the Caliphate, the Arab world has descended into the only region of the world other than sub-Saharan Africa better known for violence and mineral deposits than for any modern achievement. And let’s be honest — early Caliphate culture owes most of its advances to the Greek world they plundered.


Also, that was an unfair comparison to southern Africa, because up until just 150 years ago, the climate and flora and fauna there made most any kind of permanent settlement impossible. Anything more the 20 miles from the coast, anyway. Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation is struggling — but still far more advanced than, say, Syria. I’d rather spend time in Iran (before or after the current abberation-as-government) than Iraq. And Turkey strikes me as a better place to plant roots than Libya. The only halfway decent Arab nations are the oil-soaked sandblots so rich as to count less as nations and more as investment banks in really big desert office parks.

What’s wrong with the Arab world? And how can we fix it before they start blowing us up again?


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