SorkinWatch: The Banality of... Um...

SorkinWatch: The Banality of… Um… Banality
Spy notebooks list the following
12:01pm Aaron returns home from Starbucks. Drops empty latte cup on sidewalk
12:10pm Two hits off bong. Sitting in front of typewriter and small mirror with razor blade.
1:15pm Two “West Wing” scripts and “A Return to Sports Night” pilot script complete
1:20pm Phone call from agent. Unintelligible, other than repeated use of phrase “you can’t make me.”
1:30pm-2:48pm Watching TVLand. Once shouted an obscentiy at Wilbur, but still nothing even remotely seditious.
2:48pm-3:48pm Watching TVLand with a fresh bottle of Jack and a crumpled softpack of Camel Lights.


We’re all up to date now. More exciting details as our spies report in!


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