Nationalist and Socialist? Wasn't There

Nationalist and Socialist? Wasn’t There Once a German Party with a Name Like That?
Do the Chinese not realize that if they don’t stop sending missiles out to terrorist nations on rail cars and cargo ships, there might come a day when we have to send them some of our missiles by a more direct route?


I’m not saying we should threaten Beijing. Certainly not so directly. I’m not saying I think things will ever deteriorate so far between our two countries. Their government won’t/wouldn’t last long enough for that. But I am saying that we live in a new world post 9/11, and if you want to be a civilized nation, you have to stop selling weapons of mass destruction — or their delivery systems, you Chinese Communist Party idiots — to barbarian enemies of civilization.

This is an either/or situation. Communist regimes generally don’t deal well with those, thinking that some clever rhetoric or dialectic or just good ol’ propaganda can negate the negation. But no verbal trickery can close the gap between civilized and barbaric. They must choose one or the other.

Should we someday find that a missile responsible for the death of our soldiers or the destruction of one of our landmarks bears the label “Made in China,” then I will rest well, knowing the end is near for the CCP.



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