He's Still No Letterman I've

He’s Still No Letterman
I’ve been entirely too serious today, but I’m not finding much to make fun of in the news this evening. So, here’s a greatest comedy hit from a week or two ago.


Enjoy with a lovely after-dinner cocktail.

At Least There Are No Jokes About Warren Christopher Wearing a Halston Dress
Former Secretary of State Madeline “This ATM Machine Line is Another Munich!” Albright today criticized President Bush’s foreign policy.

She was at her most critital on Bush’s lumping together of Iran, Iraq, and North Korea as terror-supporting states. “That’s like saying bacon and eggs go together, or lumping together the Superbowl with football. Which, by the way, the Patriots will win in a blow-out. 106-3, probably.”

Albright when on to explain that “the situation in Iran is much more complicated.” So much so, that she strained to come up with yet another Munich analogy. “If we encourage the people of Iran to rise up against their government, that would be like… um… giving Prague to Hitler. Somehow.”

The former SecState, wearing a slinky little Chanel number, urged Bush to turn Gitmo into a real-life “Real World,” and release videotape of the detainees there because, “the international community thinks we have lost our minds.” However, Albright was unclear whether she was referring to the country as a whole or to herself.


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