But What Does Kolkata Have

But What Does Kolkata Have to Say on This?
Speaking of the CIA, that agency reports today that the chance of war between India and Pakistan is higher than at any time since 1971. And if you’ll remember, 1971 saw the war that midwifed the birth of Bangledesh (formerly “East Pakistan”).


We’ve never had a direct confrontation between two nuclear-armed powers. What scares me isn’t so much escalation as it is Pakistan’s command-and-control issues with their nukes, combined with the fact that much of their government (ISA in particular) is aligned with the Axis of Evil. Loose nukes? Nukes for sale? New Dehli’s soldiers can’t march fast enough to overrun all of Pakistan, and I’m not sure we’d want them to, anyway.

Best we can hope is that Colin Powell does a good job of keeping those two apart, or that common sense breaks out. India, having come so far these last few years, has the most to lose. It would only take one good war to set their economy back to about 1980 — and their politics even further. Add nukes to the equation, and… let’s not go there.


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