How Can Pat Buchanan Think Being White Is So Great When He's So Stupid?

I just sent the following letter to Glenn Reynolds. He did a write-up of Jonah Goldberg’s rerun today that reminded me of a story from the Iowa Caucases (of all places) six years ago.



Your bit on that story reminded me of an old Bob Dornan press meeting back in ’96. If you’ll remember, B-1 Bob ran for the Republican nomination not to win (so he claimed) but so that there would be at least one candidate picking on Clinton at any given moment.

Occasionally, the press treated him like they did John McCain in 2000, and for the same reason. Dornan was candid, funny, and would answer (or say) most anything.

Well, he had a group of them eating out of his hand on C-SPAN when a question came up about… oh, abortion or someting. Doesn’t matter. Dornan started talking about his grandchildren — all 942 of them, I think. A lot. “Good Irish-Catholic kids, all of them, and they look it” he said. He then went on to say, “Now, in a thousand years or so, our kids will all be the same nice bronze color.”

And he meant it as a good thing. Compare that with Pat Buchanan’s latest tripe about our “racial future.”


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