VodkaPundit has long admired the

VodkaPundit has long admired the Bush family’s devotion to their friends. But the time has come for CIA head George Tenet to go.

Really, September 11 was reason enough to sack Tenet, but check out this new revelation from the Washington Post, courtesy of Best of the Web:


“This has bin Laden all over it,” Tenet said to Boren. “I’ve got to go.”

He had another reaction in the first few minutes, one that raised the possibility that the FBI and the CIA had not done all that they could to prevent the terrorist attacks from taking place.

“I wonder,” Tenet was overheard to say, “if it has anything to do with this guy taking pilot training.” He was referring to Zacarias Moussaoui, who had been detained in August after attracting suspicion when he sought training at a Minnesota flight school.

Keep in mind, this was minutes after the WTC attack. In other words, the very top guy at the CIA knew personally of the Moussaoui case, but did nothing about it. Not a goddamn thing.

If we can hold accountable the former Afghan government for hosting al Qaeda, then we can — must — hold accountable those in our government who missed their chance to stop the attack.

Heads must roll, Mr. President.


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