So This Is How the 'Impeach Joe Biden' Inquiry Is Going for the Democrats

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The “fake, sham” inquiry into whether or not the House will impeach Joe Biden, pushed by “far-right MAGA extremists” who are “playing” the citizens because these hearings are a “waste of time” and aren’t really “about the United States” but “about Hunter Biden,” and “the only thing [Joe Biden’s] guilty of” is trying to be his loving father.


Oh, and, point of order, Mr. Chairman, “I would like the [extreme MAGA] member to be instructed not to introduce any pornography today.” And I can’t believe that this constitutional law expert who’s “on his way to his next hit on Fox News” is in favor of polygamy.

Remember, this is an inquiry to determine if the House will impeach Joe Biden.

And nobody cares that Joe and Hunter were in cahoots to shake down China, Romania, Moscow, and Ukraine for “10% for the big guy” because look, “half the crowd has left, there is no line to get in” to this “sham” hearing that will “distract” from the government shutdown and only “hurt the economy.”

So that’s how the impeach Joe Biden inquiry hearing is going.

It’s a “fake distraction.” Wow, now that’s something. It’s not even a real distraction!

Now, I recognize this so far reads like a Tourette’s induced poison pen letter, not of Aristotelian canon, but this is actually the Democrats’ playbook on how to energize their supporters in the please-don’t-impeach-old-Joe camp.


There’s “not any evidence” of “first-hand knowledge” from these witnesses, Mr. Chairman, except bank records, emails, text messages, and phone records. Nothing to impeach him with! But because the constitutional and financial witnesses called to testify don’t have “first-hand knowledge of those records” and weren’t at the scene of the crime of running Chinese checks through a labyrinthine series of shell companies, the OJ rule comes into effect. If we overreach, Joe won’t be impeached. Or something.

Though the hearing continues, this is what the Democrats’ reactions are so far and where we’re likely to see them go. There’s a vestige of a wisp more to their “argument” than this non sequitur-fest.

Based on reactions by some Democrats on the House Oversight Committee overseeing this inquiry, the Democrats are teeing up an argument of Joe Biden is just an addled loving father whose son couldn’t possibly have known what was going on because he was a crackhead and — please look at our Flavor Flav-sized countdown clock to the government shutdown which I happen to have here on my laptop pointed toward the cameras.

We expect that the Joe Biden only wants to be a good father and has a son who is strung out on drugs and incapable of being a good recorder of facts defense to be repeated at this inquiry.


And you’re really mean for bringing it up. How dare you? Where’s your humanity? Impeach this addled old man? 

Now, for more histrionics, check out the reaction to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) bringing up Hunter Biden violating the Mann Act for bringing hookers over state lines for sex, using his father’s image to scare them, and then writing them off as a business expenditure. It’s part of the epic hearing, which you can watch below. Impeach away, MTG.



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